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  • 26 February 2020


Rope access technicians Arthur and Thomas Pera from our WHA Sydney Team accomplished a great project in 2019.

On the 25 of March 2019 they organised a Rubbish Removal at the cliff edges of Gordon’s Bay via Rope Access. With Randwick City Council’s support, the volunteers removed more than 200kgs of debris of all sorts that were about to fall into the Marine Sanctuary below. The clean was undertaken in the morning, with an array of waste including plastic bottles, furniture, broken glass and clothing retrieved and disposed.

Pic 1

On the next day (Sunday 26th March), aiming to raise awareness from the community and trespassers about the ocean pollution, the skilled rigging crew organised a Slackline Performance above the waters of the bay displaying a banner with the title “HELP SAVE OUR OCEANS”.

The banner was hand made with an Acrylic material and painted by the rope access team which took around 3 weeks to finalise and spanned 20 metres. A 6mm chord had been stitched enabling the banner to be hung from one side of the cliff to the other. 4mm PVC pipes were also attached in the bottom to provide stability to the artwork.

The performance could be seen from all angles of the bay from Clovelly to Coogee.

pic 3

Local and International Slackliners were part of the performance, which brought an amazing atmosphere to the ethos of the project. The team was congratulated for their initiative and positive feedback from locals, tourists and residents alike.

Photographs were taken by Aidan Williams Photography. Check out @slackmate page on Instagram for more information and photos and also link to full documentary on YouTube at

Well done to Thomas & Arthur Pera

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